Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Ko Ko Nathanael & Baby Zoe Joy

[narated by Nathanael]

Daddie and mommie are really trigger happy. They always seems to be carrying a camera with them wherever they go! I guess we now know how Brad & Angelina feel. Everywhere we go, click click, shopping also click click, church also click click, swimming also click click .. even in the bathroom we get click click!! Aiyoh-nya!

Anyway, we chose the best shots from the recent photoshoot .. check us out

Nathanael + Zoe Joy = Nathazoy

nathanael & zoe joy3

Cool huh? Like in a studio rite?

This shot is taken by Mommie, after taking so many photos of us

she’s becoming a PRO!! 🙂


Yay .. using a Digital SLR with minimum lights … NOT!

Dad used the Sepia color on his Canon Digital Cam and

took a candid shot of us!! We didnt even get to pose yet!


See-lah my over-enthusiastic daddie, even when

Zoe Joy is blowing her nose, also he wanna take picture!!

We are like Baby CELEBs!! 🙂

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