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Good News! Weaning off Medication

Good News! Great News! No more medicine! YAY!

Both of Nathanael’s doctors (Prof Ong & Dr Choy) has now recommended that we begin weaning off Nathanael’s medication. Currently he is on Epilim 200mg BD and a Co-Factor called Carnitine.The entire process will take 3-4months. This is a crucial step we are taking. It’s a BIG step of FAITH! We will have to monitor him closely.

Please continue to pray cos we will need all the prayers from U guys. As most of you who has been following Nathanael’s journey will know that he has been placed under this special treatment called Ketogenic Diet for almost a year now. He will be on it till 2009.

We wanna thank God that Nathanael has showing tremendous improvements! We’re so thankful. Each day he is so amazingly different. Each day is better! GOD is GOOD!
To all the parents out there whose child is on this diet…..we know it is not easy but PRESS ON-keep on persevering ya! Dun give up. Feel free to call or mail us. We would live to connect with you! 🙂

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