Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Father’s Day Celebration Unveiled

Isn’t Father’s Day on 17 June? Yups … sorrie to all, this Father was a bit bz with other things, and have not updated it till now!! So now we “hoi cheong”

Father’s Day Celebration at Maju Palace

The MEN (Grandfathers / Fathers / Sons) posing together-gether on Father’s Day Lunch!

We had some yummylicious food at Maju Palace!!

If u have not heard of it, then u not MAJU enuf!!! hehe …. its part of the

Oriental Group of Restaurants.

Happy Moments with

Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah with Nathanael & Zoe Joy

Cute Moments with

Kung Kung & Po Po and Nathanael & Zoe Joy

Nathanael standing and posing with Kung Kung

and with Zoe Joy looking on!! 🙂

So sweeet … daddy and son picture!

A Kodak Moment!

Nathanael sayang Zoe Joy! 🙂

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