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Holiday in Bangkok – Part Deux

We thought we better break the POST into TWO … otherwise it may just cause your internet to have a TIME OUT! from reading the First One 🙂


It was the Amazing Thailand Sale that’s happening over in Thailand.
Guess what??? No one in our hotel knew about it!! Ha Ha Ha!! Sigh!!
Baiyoke gave us a Free Shuttle trip to Siam Paragon! Need i say that Siam Paragon
is 10 times better than Suria KLCC, in terms of Layout, Retailers, Size, Food Outlets … etc!
We took their Bubble Lift to get around the Siam Paragon.
We were so so so AMAZED at the variety of Children’s Shoes that was
available at Siam Paragon! It was like WOW!! So so so many to choose from!
Err .. back home in Malaysia … not that many. And surely not that nice designs too!
Eat your heart out Suria, 1U, Mega Mall ….. so sad lah
Wished we had the same variety in Malaysia too!!
There were just rows and rows and rows of Children’s Shoes! 🙂
And then from Siam Paragon … we also walked over to the infamous MBK

At MBK … there are 7 Floors of Shopping, where you can get Clothes, Electronic Stuff,

Clothes, Handphones, Clothes and more Clothes!!! Some of the Clothes areas

can bargain too! 🙂

Another cooool place for Shopping was RIGHT OUTSIDE Baiyoke!

I mean the Thais had stalls everywhere in Bangkok. As long as you have a five-foot walkway,

they would set up a stall to trade business.

So we were pretty delighted to see Cheap Shopping outside Baiyoke!

YUPs … we shopped and we found CARTERs for 90 Baht!

We should have BOUGHT a dozen and sold them for RM50 in Malaysia!

It was reallly cheap! 🙂

Being in Bangkok, I HAD to show Tiff the Best Hotel in the World …

none other than The Oriental, Bangkok located by Chao Phraya River.

WE sat in the Oriental Bangkok’s boat at the Saphan Taksin Sky Train stop

and sailed to the hotel.

As expected the Hotel was stunning and classic in its own way!

I managed to catch up with a colleague there as well too!

Digressing slightly … just wanted to say that The Oriental Bangkok’s brand

is jus everywhere. We saw them operating a F&B outlet at Siam Paragon

and another one at Central World Shopping Centre! Amazing!!

Guess where we went for Lunch?

Yups .. it was at the Oriental Bangkok … next door! hahaha

We were off to the Pier to catch a Boat Taxi .. and we saw some

yummy food stalls next to the hotel and we makan there.

Tiff had the THAI Fried Rice with their Red Hot Chilli Peppers, it was

yummy-licious. And of course i stayed away from the spicy food!!!

Lunch was only RM30 baht per person (RM3)!!! Now that’s Savings!

And we then took our Boat Ride up the Chao Phraya river heading to visit the King’s Grand Palace, all for only 3.50 Baht (RM 0.35)

And we had nice seats that’s next to the murky river .. which tend to splash up into our faces

each time we open our mouth to exclaim!!

We even had a Tour Guide who was explaining the sights and attractions in the 20 minutes

boat ride. Didn’t understand a word of his Thai English accent!!

UNFORTUNATELY .. our wonderful Baiyoke Concierge didn’t tell us … NOT to visit the Grand Palace in the afternoon. WHY? Cos its closed!! So yes … we took our wonderful boat ride all the way up to the Grand Palace stop, and was informed.

Sorry Palace closed. … there’s nothing to see!! Sigh!! Sigh!!! Double Sigh!!!

Although we didn’t get to see the KING or his palace … we had the luxury of

time to actually catch TWO movies in Bangkok.

First of all … their CINEMAs ROCK!!!

Their Cinemas are new, nice, big, comfortable .. u name it.. they have it!

We noticed that the MOVIE industry seemed to be a pretty Big industry in Bangkok

Cos .. each shopping mall we entered, they all had their own BIG Cineplexes!! Amazing!

And the Cineplexes are HUGE!!

ONE Funny thing that happens while watching a movie is that ….

The Thais will play their National Antheme right before the movie!!

It was weird .. cos everyone STOOD UP for their National Anthem!!

Hmmm. .. i don’t think it will ever work in Malaysia!!

We were very BLEST on our last two days in Bangkok to

meet up with Tiff’s aunty. Aunty Hwee and her daughter Mary.

They became our guides and showered us with amazing Thai hospitality!

They brought us to so many place to makan.

And we ate and ate and ate!!

On our final day .. we went to Red Dragon Restaurant which boasts of the

LARGEST Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant in the World (see above pic)

We could see them preparing all the food! Tons and tons of DIM SUM!!

It was a super yummy DIM SUM BUFFET!!

That’s us with Aunty Hwee & Mary

The Dim Sum .. just came!

And kept coming. They came so fast, that they had to stack the

food on top of each other! And we tried to catch up with them

as the food came. BUT alas ….they WON!!

The waiter mentioned that those stacks of DIM SUM containers

were ours! We apparently ate more than 40!!! WAH LIAU!!!

It was a pretty LARGE Layout with interesting settings.

We had a room to ourselves equipped with Karaoke facilities, and there were

just DOZENS of these typed of rooms all over the entire Restaurants! Amazing!!

After FOUR wonderful days of FUN, we arrived back where we started.

At the Suvarnabhumi Airport!

The Airport was again HUGE!! With many counters.

We bid our farewell to Aunty Hwee & Mary.

Who ferried us all the way from Baiyoke to the Airport.

Inside the Thai Airport Duty Free Shopping, we found things that were on SALE

.. aiyoh .. everywhere-lah also got SALE SALE SALE …

We are grateful for this wonderful holiday time together, and we cherish it!

Thank GOD for His Blessings!

Hope u enjoyed our HOLIDAY blog 🙂

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Mary Bkk says:

4o dim sum bowls (not include any plates la) the restaurant’s name is Royal Dragon la not Red dragon ^ ^

Kevin Lee says:

40 dim sum bowls!!! Let’s see, 4 of you, that’s like 10 bowls per person, and 3 of them were ladies! The ladies probably ate not more than 5 bowls… which means Daren…you probably ate 25 bowls yourself!!!

I am so jealous!

laundryamah says:

wow! make me wanna go again..hahaha…eh how come u didn’t get to stay at Oriental one? no staff price meh??