Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Kids playing at Home

Some photos taken today at Home

~ Narration by Nathanael ~

So am I cool or what? Check out my Pose!!

This is my cute sis! Check her out …

She always like to sleep on my hand!

Ain’t she gorgeous?

Just like mommie!!

Since daddie was trying to take some pictures

We thot we would “not pose” and just turn away

on our sides! 🙂 hehe

Yups… my lil sistah is learning to roll!

Now this used to by my toy.

And being the generous big bro …

I’ve passed it on to my babe sis!

As you can see she’s simply thrilled

with all the hanging toys and colors and

she’s just always so joyful. 🙂

Yup yup.. … here i am in

Military Camp! My commandant aka daddie

sitting behind me … he sits, while i have to stand?

Where got fair?!!!

Where’s the Justice in this World!!!

Look dad & mom …

I can stand on my own and play with my toy!

Errr .. daddie I think u need to buy me a taller toy!

U know i quite the tall one u know?!!

daddie took this pic of babe sis just now before she slept!

She was being all cutie-girlie!!

We already switched off the lights and she was drinking her milk prior to sleeping.

She had to make herself all cute by puting her hands over her eyes!

Good nite zoe .. good nite daddie & mommie …

I’m off to zzzzzzzzzz land.


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