Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Zoe Joy and her Mobile

Ahh .. u thot it was Mobile Phone rite?

Heheh .. did u know the little twirly things on top of your baby cot that goes round and round and sorta makes u giddy when u keep staring at it, is called a Mobile? Hmmm i wonder why?

Read my self-made poem below … 🙂

We are glad to see that Zoe Joy’s focus and attention is really sharp. She’s just
under two months old and she’s focusing on key objects placed above her. Praise God!

[There is this conspiracy theory going round that girls actually pick up things, learn, develop
faster than boys. Then again i could have heard it wrong! :)]

Mobile Poem
Round and round they go
Bright little toys in circle they flow
Why? The music I wonder
Its the same tuneless tune I don’t admire
Daddie, mommie keep winding it up
I just hope one day it will shut up
These colored toys circling round me
Like lost lambs without their Mary

by daddie lee

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