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Nathanael’s 200th Day on Ketogenic Diet

Amazing200 days have come and gone and Nathanael is doing well on his Ketogenic Diet. In fact Nathanael looks forward to his meal periods and thru his Meal periods he actually is motivated to “work” to get his food.

Initially (September 2006) when we started on the Ketogenic Diet we were apprehensive. Afterall we have tried so many things. So so so so many things to try and help control the seizures in Nathanael.

Not knowing that as we were reaching the end of our rope of Options in dealing with Nathanael’s seizures, the Ketogenic Diet worked! Nathanael is Seizure Free !!!

We must add, that after reading tons of information, books, documentation of the Ketogenic Diet, that there was only a 20% working chance that the Diet would work on a child. Given the odds, we feel that it not by chance, nor by probability, but it is indeed a Mircale of God in Nathanael’s life!

Since the stop of Nathanel’s seizures in October, we have seen him achieve his Milestones, as he development progresses ahead each day.

We are BLEST by God because :

Thank you for your Prayers, Support and Love towards Nathanael and our Family. We thank you for being Strong with us as we go thru this absolutely amazing chapter of our lives. God is indeed our Strength and our Hope and our Portion! πŸ™‚

We wanna BOAST of what God has done in Nathanael’s life. We wanna Shout God’s Fame that in this 200 Days God has been Faithful each day of Nathanael’s life!

Thank You JESUS … NO MORE Frisium!!!!

ONLY GOD can do this in Nathanael’s Life ……

My God Is So Big

So Strong And So Mighty

There’s Nothing My God Cannot Do


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Anonymous says:

Not only spiritually but medically it changes our Malaysian record. The diet was never encouraged locally in the medical field, if there are more cases like this, I am sure it will helps a lot of people (child & parents). I have referred his case to some Epilepsy parents support group in oversea and received many cheers. My son has a need for this diet and we are still trying to persuade his doctor. Thanks for sharing and God bless you all. TeeBK & family.

Gurmit Singh says:

I am so glad to hear the good news, all our prayer is answered, praise the Lord for that.

I am so sorry have been very busy lately not able to write much. How is your second child doing I hope everything is well and good.

However Nat will be always in our prayer and also each one of you.

May the Lord bless and keep you and you family in His perfect plan.

Gurmit & Celina

Dzura says:

Its so good to know……. btw the pics are cute :)))).


Shereen says:

Isn’t that wonderful news? GOD is GREAT!

Mashita says:

He is a miracle child indeed……….and a handsome one too πŸ™‚

Sherri says:

Congratulations and good to hear that he’s getting better everyday!!


Cindy says:

Wow! I can relate to you as parent on your child’s smallest achievements is a proud moment, YES! God Bless!


Ivan says:

This is very encouraging news. Praise God for answers to prayer.

Somewhere deep inside, we also learn how to persevere and trust God. This has stretched our faith, and we learn to be a stronger Christian.


Sreedhar says:

That ole song, “My God is So Big”, will never loose its relevance.
Praise God for what He is doing through all this for your lives as a family. Count it all joy……!

Sreedhar Subramaniam