Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s Electric Toothbrush

My Electric ToothBrush
Popo bought me an Electric Toothbrush recently.
My Speech Therapist said that it would be
good stimulation for me.

Can you see my Anxious Face when mommie
brings that “thing” in front of my face.
It sounds exactly like a Dentist Drill.
WHAT!!?? Mommie wants me to hold the “thing”?
How can? Its already making me so anxious.
I dont want to hold it mommie ..

See my face expression mommie.
It tickles it… tickles ….. eeeeeeeee

How long are you gonna do this to me mommie?

Huh!!! U mean you wanna to brush the bottom
of my teeth too? Aiyoh yoh!!

Okies … okies… the feeling is kinda … NICE …

Mommie’s song to me …
This is the way I brush my teeth
I brush my teeth
I brush my teeth
This is the way I brush my teeth
So early in … the morning.

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