Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Zoe Joy’s Full Moon Dinner

We celebrated Zoe Joy’s Full Moon dinner on 24 March 2007 with our family, relatives, family friends and our church pastors and church full time workers at Country Kitchen Restaurant.

We had a sumptious meal and celebrated Zoe Joy’s one month old with everyone.

Here are some photos to summarize the nite, Click on the link to see all the 101 photos taken for Zoe Joy’s Full Moon dinner.

Zoe Joy Lee’s Full Moon Dinner

Zoe Joy’s Menu Card & Description on each Table

Mommie, Zoe Joy, Daddie & Nathanael

Cute Zoe Joy’s pics šŸ™‚

Uncle Adrian leading songs at the partie

Ps Vincent Leoh prayed for Baby Zoe Joy and the family

Family Photo

Uncle Leon, Kung Kung, Po Por, Mommie, *me – Zoe Joy*, Daddie, Kor Kor, Yeh Yeh

[Unfortunately Mah Mah had gone to Nepal on a Missions Trip and missed our dinner]

Kau Fu & Ko Ko Nathanael have their hands covered up.

Kau Fu fractured his hand, Ko Ko naughty always put his hand in the mouth, so covered!

Ps Julie Khoo with Zoe Joy, Tiff, Daren and Nathanael

Ps Vincent with Wesley and Renee

Find the Right Parent Contest

Hmmm … somehow all the kids do not belong to the Right Parent

Tiff was carrying Renee, Karen was carrying Zoe Joy, Ps Raymond was carrying Nathanel, Ps Gwen was carrying Wesley. Hmmmmmm ……

Here are some Group Pictures, Table Pictures of our Family and Friends

at Zoe Joy’s Full Moon Partie

Thumbnails of the 101 Pictures

Click on any of the pictures to see a bigger version

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And of course, Every Full Moon Partie must have Red Eggs, and we added Ang Ku

Daniel with Zoe Joy

Photos were taken professionaly by our dear friend – Daniel Liew.
Anyone who needs to hire a professional photographer, call Daniel Liew. šŸ™‚

All photos are hosted on Flickr

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Ian Chew says:

Hi! Couz!

Wish I could have been there!

Hope you all are well!

Iā€™m kinda stuck in Perth at the moment but planning a holiday soon

Take care and keep well!

Ian C