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Zoe Joy’s Inborn Error Metabolism Test

Zoe Joy’s First Hospital Experience
Well, after a newborn has been discharged from the hospital, they normally don’t go back to another hospital till its time for their vaccinations.
But we wanted to do run the Inborn Error Metabolism test for Zoe Joy,
so we brought her to Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
What is Inborn Error Metabolism (IEM)?
It comprise of a large class of genetic diseases which can result in heart attack, stroke, poor feeding, fits, comatose, behavioural problems, hearing or visual problems, bleeding in the head, vomiting blood or autism.
What will they Do?
The screening process for IEM includes special blood (serum amino acid) and urine (uric organic acid) tests of newborns by using the technology called tandem mass spectrometry.
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If we were to do the IEM test in SJMC it would have cost RM300.
But we felt it would be better to do it in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, cos of the cost factor and more importantly cos we could do it with Dr Choy Yew Sing who is the Chief Investigator of the IEM Pilot Project in Malaysia.
[And Dr Choy is also Nathanael’s doctor who administered the Ketogenic Diet
… and he’s a real fun guy!!]
As you have read from the top, they had to take blood samples from Zoe Joy.
See how quietly Zoe Joy was, before they took her blood.
We prayed with her and warned her of the procedure.
When the head nurse came in to take the blood.
WAH…. she had to take the blood from her hand (veins)
(Normally if its a little can just do a heel prick)
Poor Zoe Joy .. cried and cried.
Popo was there to hold her as the nurse took out the blood.
The IEM Test results should be out in a couple of weeks time.
If any new parents with babies… we would suggest you to do it too. 🙂

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