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Check out my Physio and Occupational Therapy Session today

Nathanael’s Physio and Occupational Therapies
We managed to capture some brilliant photos of Nathanael during both
his Physio Therapy session and Occupational Therapy session.
This morning I started my Physio Therapy session at HUKM
at 9am. I was put on a see-saw thing, whilst sitting down on a wooden bench.
My therapist wanted to see how well I balance when they move the see saw
up and down. I did quite well lor!
Then my therapist made me stand.
I shocked everyone when i manage to stand without my gators.
I was holding on to the Blue Exercise Ball.

My therapist said my Right Leg is much stronger.

Today my therapist put me on a special walker.
I was like so surprise. My feet can touch the floor;
as if i was walking.

But i was supported and it really made it easy.

The therapist pushed the Walker forward and
used his legs to guide my legs to move forward step by step.

It was really like Walking. 🙂

My Occupational Therapy started at 11am. My therapist
took me to Snozelen.

Check out the Fiber Optic Lights …
They are so nice to look at.

Hmm.. let’s inspect these bright colored noodles.

Then for another exercise, she sat me at a Glowing Table.
I’ve heard about the Burning Bush … but this is the first Glowing Table.

The entire Table Top was just glowing ….
No wonder dad took off his shoes… he must be on Holy Ground! 🙂

Oh yes … dad managed to catch a pic of me after a long tiring day
of therapies.

My therapist was trying to get me to hold blocks.
But my voice was crying nooooooooooooooo……..

But see lah .. in the end i did hold the Wooden Blocks!!!

My Video
Now I would like to show you a video dad captured of me during my Physio Therapy.
I was on the Standing, and putting my hands on the Blue Exercise Ball, when Kak Mas took
a mirror and place it in front of me.
And when i saw my own image starring back, I just couldn’t help but show affection to me!! 🙂
Check out how I sayang myself … 🙂
Watch the video below, or click here.

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bunnyjo says:

dear nathaneal, you’re doing an amazing job! keep it up with your physio. I know it’s hard but it will help you a lot. Rooting for you always!


che che Joann. (not auntie! hehheh)