Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

And Baby Zoe Joy entered Planet Earth Today

Zoe Joy Lee
We are so happy to announce the birth our second child, Zoe Joy Lee.
Tiff went into labor today at 9.55am and at 1.46pm, baby Zoe Joy popped out! 🙂
Here are two cute pictures of her ..

Zoe Joy snugly wrapped up in a towel.
This was right after the delivery.

Here’s another picture of Zoe Joy lying in the crib.

Zoe Joy Details

Zoe Joy Lee

Born : 27 February 2007

Time : 1.46pm

Weight : 3.24kg / 7.1 lbs

Height : 49.5cm

** So … baby Zoe Joy is borned within the Chinese New Year
… so dear wonderful parents …
you know what to do lah 🙂 hahahaha

We are really blessed with Zoe Joy more details on the delivery and baby soon.

Mommie Tiff is resting now.
Baby Zoe Joy is in the nursery bathed and immunized.

More news later!

p/s Now this is what i call a good hospital. SJMC has WIFI !! 🙂

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florance says:


congrats… to you guys. i am one of the youth which you guys have blessed few years back in GTPD. A sure glad to know your whereabouts.

God Bless and continue the great work in God…

Ps Lee Kuan Ming says:

Congratulations & God Bless You and Tiffany for Baby Zoe Joy!

We are so happy for your family. May His richest blessings be with you all.

Ps Kuan Ming & family

Grace Wah says:

Heartiest congrats to you & Tiff for God’s wonderful blessing of a baby girl to both of you!

Please send my regards to Tiff…hope she’ll have a good rest.

Shannon Ray says:

Hi daren

Congrats on the arrival of your second.

Nice Name for her


Ps Vincent Leoh says:

Dear Darren and Tiffany,

On the arrival of Zoe Joy Lee!
What a Joyous celebration of Life!

Praise God

Mabel Chew says:

Congratulations to all and welcome to Zoe! She looks very very cute

Kasturi Balan says:

Congratulations! Glory to God for the new born baby girl Zoe Joy Lee.
May the joy of the LORD be with all of you.

Thanks & God bless…

Ian Chew says:


Dr Stanley Lim says:

Congratulations to the both of you, Daren & Tiff for the safe arrival of Zoe Joy. Thank God for His grace and mercy.

Praise the Lord!

Ps. Irene & Stanley Lim

Douglas Khoo says:

Congratulations on the baby girl!! Please extend our best wishes to Tiffany. Great to hear to mother and child are well.

Kind regards
Doug & Lye Peng

Robert Chew says:

Hi Daren & Tiffany

Congrats and best wishes to you new born baby, Zoe.


Annie & Robert Chew & family

Ps Linda Khoo says:

Congrats to the proud parents Daren & Tiffany and tai-koh Nathanael…!!!!

Welcome Zoe Joy Lee!!!


Justin Yeng says:

Congratulations Daren and Tiff! Happy for you guys!

Justin, Carol and Jamie…

Rachel Gong says:

Hey…congratulations!!! 🙂

She shares her birthday with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a poet who
said, “It is difficult to know at what moment love begins; it is less
difficult to know that it has begun.”. Good times.

Kelly Wong says:


Ai Lynn says:


William Lim says:

Congratulations !

Anne Ng says:

congratulations, Daren…. certainly calls for an angpow. See you when you get back.

Warmest regards to Tiff and Nathaneal, too.

Angela Ng says:

Wah … so cute leh!

Congratulations to you and Tiffany for being a pair of proud parents again!

Ray Phoon says:

Daren & Tiff,

Congrats on your new born !

God Bless,

Raymond & Frances

Michelle Fong says:

Hi dasren got 2 know that Tiff has delivered a baby girl. Congrats

Anonymous says:

Congratulations guys! God Bless! We are Zoe joyful on hearing you message!
We hope see her soon

Angeline says:

Congrats 2 both u n Tiff on d birth of Baby Zoe!

Anonymous says:

Congratulations papa. On your new born babyt girl, Zoe

Cindy Kan says:

Congrats 2 2nd time daddy & mummy, little brother nathanael for a sweet baby girl and sis Zoe Joy Lee

John Lim says:

Congrats papa Daren 🙂

Jonathan Low says:

Congrats to both of you.

We dedicated the lunch with a picture of the team cradling a baby! 🙂 Ask Cindy.

Serena Danker says:

Congrats Daren n Tiffany on de birth of your daughter. Welcome Zoe Joy Lee 2 de world!
Aunty Serena, Uncle Danker, Darin

Roy Heong says:

Congrats on your new bundle of Joy. PTL for His blessings. Roy n Cyn

Mae Tang says:

Congrats Tiff n Daren 4 yr bundle of joy.
Rest well n take care.

Audrey Chee says:

U and Daren make very good looking babies. She looks like koh-koh Nathanael.

Very pretty girl. Pls kiss n hug her forme ya. Let her know Aunty Audrey want to c her

Yet Ling says:

Congrats Tiffany.
We r all so happy and excited over d new baby girl. U must b very tired. Hope u get some rest.

Elisa Dass says:

Heard the good news about Zoe Joy Lee! Congrats! So happy for you all!

See Yee says:

Say Hello and give Zoe Joy a kiss for me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. C u sooN!

Shen Yi says:

Hey Congratulations on baby girl. Glad to hear that both mum and baby are well. Now baby Nat will have baby sis to play with.

Take care yah

Sandie Cheng says:

Congratulations and Jubilation!
Heard the wonderful news of the latest addition your baby girl.

V r so happy 4 u and daren

Danny Law says:


Dr Sumitra says:

Congratulations … Hope you and baby doing well and Nate is happy with his new sis. Lots of Love

Eddie Yap says:

I hope you had a safe and blessed delivery. Take care and God Bless

May Chan says:

Hi Daren & Tiff

Heartiest congratulations to yr family on the birth of Zoe Joy yesterday.

Chin Oi Leng says:

Congrats Daren & Tiff

Angeline Lim says:

Praise the Lord!
Rest well now. Hope 2 meet up.

Ps Betty Teh says:

Congratulations n mother take care of yourself. God bless baby Zoe

Maxine Lee says:

Daren & Tiff Congrats on yr baby girl. With love Maxine & Family

Joann says:

She looks marvelous 🙂 and has such a love-lee name!!
🙂 Rest well Tiff. See you soon.