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My 2007 Chinese New Year Experience and Photos

My 2007 CNY Experiences
This year CNY fell on a Sunday,
so we started Chinese New Year’s Day
at Church, followed with some visitations around.
Check out my photo journey on Chinese New Year day.

Kung Kung (Grand pa) was carrying me in church during worship.
Check out my longish hair … i may keep that!
(Apparently most of my aunties didn’t really fancy my crew cut hair!)
This is my fren Daevik. Cute ler?
Wait till you see our Photo Sessions together later.

Giving High Praise as we Celebrate Jesus Celebrate !!
Psalms 150 : Let Everything That Has Breath … PRAISE THE LORD!!!

My cutie Tai Ka Cher … Renee … all pinked
in her CNY Baju.
(Mind u … TKC but only 12 days older)
And that’s aunty May Vern taking care of Renee cos
Renee’s daddie and mommie are on the leading us in worship 🙂

[Captured Conversations]
Renee : Hey how much Ang Pow u collected so far?
Nathanael : I dunno, mommie’s got them all in the bag
Renee : U Look kinda cute in that Hat & Long Hair get up

[Captured Conversations]
Nathanael : I think you look far cuter in that Pink Cheong Sam
Renee : – smiling –

[Kidz Photo Sessions]
L to R : Daevik, Dhiren, Wesley, Renee, Nathanael (me -lah!), Caitlin

I gues its not easy to get a bunch of kids (who have a mind on their own)
organized for a Photo Shoot! Everyone is looking at another camera.
You should see our daddie and mommies from where we sat…
They were holding cameras, videos, phone cameras and all shouting and waving
their hands .. and you can imagine why all of us kidz were looking everywhere
except the main camera! 🙂 hehe

My picture with my god-bro … kor kor Wesley.
I guess the lights in church are nice … .. yeah Wes …
Whoops!! … who took the photo before i posed?!

And now .. we shall Kiss Our Hands, Clap Our Hands and look
pretty together 🙂
Told you it was hard to get us kidz organized for a shoot!

And then one of us will always get creative.

If its not me clapping my hands cos Aunty Karen was singing
“If you’re happy and you know it … clap your hands”
and we have Wesley looking to the camera …
and Renee posing as usual in her unique ways

Okies… i better not talk anymore in the photoshoot.

See .. my point proven .. its extremely difficult
to get four kids with hyper activity built in them
to sit down for a simple normal photo shoot!
I am like Kong Xi, Wesley is like .. kicking his legs,
Renee is like smiling and posing, Caitlin is like Clap Clap!!!

Here am I taking a photo with
daddie and mommie.
(As usual, daddie got his colors wrong again ..
it was supposedly to be RED)

Check out my Ah Tai (great grandma)

You’re looking at Four Generations on one CHAIR!
Bless you and Love you Ah Tai!!

Mr cool … Al Dasir .. he was pretty delighted
cos he Gel-ed his hair up and brought his shades!

L to R : Al Dasir, Nathanael, Julianne, Desmond
Sitting with my daddie’s cousins during CNY

As you can see .. i was EXTREMELY happy 🙂

Am i not cute with my Kong Kong and Po Po

I was like … catch the Tongue .. pull it out!

But Kau Fu (Uncle Leon) gave me an Ang Pow…
So will not pull his tongue!! 🙂

My cousins love Football.
L to R : Elliot, Nathanael, Earol

So nice hor .. all of us together-gether
L to R : Benjamin, Eunice, Nathanael, Michelle-Chinatsu

Me and my two pretty cousins

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