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Nathanael’s Audio Therapy – Thank you Sony Ericsson

We really didn’t realize how great of a phone the Sony Ericsson W800i was when we first purchased it back in August 2005.

At that time it was a nice and funky phone with a cool looking orange cover.

Not realizing that the phone’s recording quality and mp3 playback were so so useful.

We have been recording everyone’s voices (in a form of a song);

Nathanael’s grandparents singing to him, cousins talking to him, us speaking and singing to him, mom reading the scriptures to him … and many more variations.

And Nathanael has grown to love certain recordings and some of these recordings will actually help get his attention.

For example when we were out cutting his hair, to ensure that he sat straight up and not move around too much, we would play his fav recording.

We have also seen great improvements in his ability to listen and to pay attention …

because he would show us his preferences on the recordings that he likes.

We also have a host of MP3 songs for Children which we play for him.

So … we really want to say Thanks Sony Ericsson … i guess you didnt realize that you created a phone which was so useful for Nathanael’s audio therapy.

We use the audio functions daily … and it has greatly help in Nathanael’s audio improvement.

pssssst … this is where the Chairman of Sony Ericsson is suppose to stumble on this blog and give us a brand new Sony Ericsson!! 🙂 hehe

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