Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Swimming with his new Arm Floats

Nathanael is Swimming with his new Arm Floats.
When you Look to your Left .. its Winnie
When you Look to your Right .. its also Winnie the Pooh

Nathanael didn’t really like the Arm Floats.
He usually gets to go in a Round Floating Device.
But we thought this would be good therapy for him to try it this way.
Nathanael was very naughty. He kept bending his legs.
So Daddie has to “straighten” his legs.
So you see Nathanael holding himself up above the water,
but daddie has to help him to learn to move his legs.

As you can see from the Picture, Nathanael is like
“Mommie, Stop taking photos and get me out of here!!”
Hehehehe …. Again we were getting Nathanael to
Straighten his legs, so we put his legs at the edge of the pool and held him.

Finnaly .. dry land!

Look Mommie .. No Hands!!!

Nathanael is on his own! 🙂

This was what was happening underwater.
Nathanael was standing on my Knees! 🙂
We’re glad that he can “stand” underwater, but water helps with our boyancy,
that’s why he can support his weight in water.
(Err daddie looks “thin” underwater – 🙂 )

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inokku says:

nice nice ~~ !!!

carrotjunk says:

cooooooollllll…….thin legs!

is that the belly too?

hmmm…. thin too??

kidding!!! = P