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Take A Guess? Is it a Boy or Girl?

Tiffany recently went for her detailed scan of the 24 weeks old baby. It was an Ultrasound scan using a 2D Siemens Scanner. Its something new (for me at least) that the scanning was done by a Sonnographer (Li Anne) and not the doctor.

We are pleased to report that the Detailed Scan saw that the baby is doing well, we saw the legs, the hands, the brain, the face, the organs – heart, kidney, and many more (it was a Form 5 Biology revision, cos Li Anne was calling all the parts by the scientific names … ie .. that’s the humerus, and that’s the femur .. and i can’t recall the rest!)

So Praise God that the baby is doing well, and nurturing well in Tiff’s womb. Praise GOD!

She also managed to tell us the sex of the baby, via the scan.

Li Anne, took a bit of time showing a cross section
of the Heart on the above scan, cos the baby was moving lots!

It was on this Scan above, that Li Anne told us the sex of the baby.
So for all you Sonnographers wannabe, check out the Scan Above, and let us
know what YOU think?

Is the baby a Boy? or a Girl? 🙂

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May Yap says:

Eventhough I’ve been a mother once, I never could read all these ultra sound!!! My guess is baby girl lor!

Yi-Mi says:

Congrat Tiff! I’m so happy 4 u, daren n nate. I think is ababy girl. I could be right. Yes or no.

Jess says:

hhmmm… i dunno how to tell from the ultrasound pic.. it looks blur to me.. hehe! but let me guess… it’s a girl?


laundryamah says:

boy la..ur family boys are dominant la..hahaha,,,eh i noticed Nathaneal lost weight ler..must be the diet huh??

bunnyjo says:

it’s boy…………



May says:

Aiyah, keeping us in suspense. I have no experience in reading scans but I saw something white on the left side. Is it a boy? Anyway, boy or girl, we’re very happy for you and we rejoice together with you.

God bless.
May & KK Chan.

E says:

Hey…… better tell me now!!!

Despite twice……..I am as blur as the screen when I comes to deciphering the “moving” pic!

E 🙂 PS…am as excited as you all are!