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Where are U ticklish? Here? …. tickle …… tickle

Its another great step forward for Nathanael when we tickle him and he laughs and laughs.

Previously we would tickle him, and that would not bring about a respond.

Only recently when we tickle his feet, he will feel the tickling and bring up his feet and even sometimes complaining by whining … (and our interpretation of that whine is “don’t kacau my legs lah …. stop it .. stop it”)

So it was to our delight and we believe to Nathanael’s delight when a few nights ago, mum was playing with him before he slept and all of a sudden when Tiff tickled his sides, he laughed, and she tickled again, and he laughed more and squirmed away. And we started a tickling session which lasted about 10 minutes.

Since then each night we would tickle him and play with him before hid bed time prayers and sleeping. We are thankful to see daily step by step improvements in his development.

Check out this video of mummy tickling Nathanael last nite.

Watch the video below or click here.

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inokku says:

hey daren !

it’s just awesome seeing all of
these improvements happening !!

keeping nathaneal and the
two of you in prayer !!
*faster la God.. faster =p

ciaoz ~

dareNtiff says:

Amen uncle lee beng! AMEN!

God is Great and He has definitely made Nathanael our DELIGHT & Joy!

Uncle Lee Beng says:

To my dearest nathaneal, your laughter has brought tears to my eyes. I now behold the visible symptoms of the AWESOME healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ on your life. It is the fruit of many travails of prayers, never was any in vain, because your smile and laughter was so worth it!

I speak over you the Joy of the Lord, let it spring up from the well of your soul, like mighty waters and bring life to all who hear it, especially you.
A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing…Proverbs 17:22(AMP)