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Can’t Touch This!

Our current focus on Nathanael is that he will learn to use his HANDS to touch, feel, move, and to use his hands as what God has created the hands for.

One of our toughest struggle is that he doesn’t like anyone touching or holding his hands. For those of u who visit him or play with him in church will realize that as soon as u try and hold his hand for a hand shake or high five, he will pull it away with a lot of determination.

The photo above was taken when Nathanael was at his Bridges Schoool – Early Intervention Program (EIP). Teacher Dolly was trying to get him to hold different textures of objects from soft, to squiggly to even colored ice and more. But he absolutely refuse, … its like “U Can’t Touch My Hands” …. “U can’t Hold My Hands” …. [can imagine in the background …. MC Hammer in his super big pants singing … “Can’t Touch This” …. ] and Nathanael was crying the whole 50 minutes we were there. (bluff cry wan … cos when i picked him up later, he smiled!)

Anyway .. pray along with us, as start working on his hands so that Nathanael can start learning to use them as how we use ours. Would love to see him play the Piano one day… yes godma willl teach him his piano yah? OR mebbe the saxophone.. since i can’t play one! 🙂

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