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The Midnight Rides

The last week has been pretty tiring for us. Nathanael has this little bad habit of getting up in the weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeee hours of the morning and has this uncanny ability to be extremely AWAKE, whilst the whole house is sleeping.

Or alternatively he would sleep 30 mins or 1 hour during the day (which is insufficient) and when it comes to 10ish / 11ish PM, he will start crying. Our deduction is that he is trying to sleep, but is so sleepy till he can’t sleep (kapish?).

Well anyway …. we discovered through one of our early journeys in the car, Nathanael loves to ride in cars and car rides gives him this nice and comfy feeling and he can easily fall asleep in it.

So guess what we’ve been doing the last week. Each time when he wakes up (like at 11.45pm after sleeping for 20 mins and tossin’ and turnin’) we will have a hard time to put him back to sleep.

So the next best resort is to go for “The Midnight Ride”.

We will basically exit the Condo and head towards 1 Utama, turn off into the LDP and drive up the Ramp on to Penchala Link .. and make a U-Turn and come back towards PJ, and exit off the Mutiara Damansara road and take the back road home. Hehehe ….

Yups .. thats about 8 -10KM …. but at least it works and he goes off into a deep sleep.

The above pic is Nathanael in his pee jays sleeping in the car seat after
one of the Midnight Rides.

Then after that we just carry him up to his bed and. .. Thank U Jesus .. he sleeps thru the nite!

Seee lah … how much we love Nathanael … The Midnight Rides are our special secret weapon. We were just discussing the other day … we will not make these Midnight Rides a habit…. othewrise everyday also have to drive him out! 🙂

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Uncle Lee Beng says:

Warm baths are a nightly routine for us. Right before bed, it winds the boys down, but i’ve had my fair share of late night drives. It works great for Elijah, but not Noah, he hates being in the dark in his car seat.

dareNtiff says:

Yeah lor … poor parents have to suffer by driving in an air cond car for 10KM (some more petrol so expensive nowadays!)

But in all honesty .. we really want him to sleep … so i guess we have to brave it and do it at times.

Err… but i hope we dont have to do it to four years of age! 🙂

Another place that he likes to sleep is when we bathe him under the hot shower.

Hmmmm….. the only thing we have not worked out is how to transfer him from the shower to the bed without drying him (cos that would wake him).

grace says:

haha! the things parents will go thru for kids! a friend of mine did that everyday til her kid was 4yrs old…. another will turn the vacuum cleaner on (cos the noise puts her kid to sleep)

Anonymous says:

wah! midnight rides! i remember i did that once with kieran! never again leh! cry la! i can sleep thru it one…