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Nathanael’s Cute Poses on the Standing Frame

Here are a couple of photos taken yesterday when Nathanael was on his therapy session whilst on the Standing Frame. He was making a lot of noise, smiling, and moving a lot. We got six different poses below. Check him out.

What’s on TV?
Let me check it out! 🙂

Aiyah mommie, why u make me stand on the Standing Frame for one hour wan? So long lah! Tired already .. can’t you see me, i wanna lie down already?

This looks like Nathanael praying.
Dear Jesus …. please touch me and heal me and make all my seizures go away! Pleeeze. U are the Great God … who can move mountains, so move all my sickness away in Jesus Name!

I am H – A – P – P – Y
I am H – A – P – P – Y
I know I am
I am sure I am
I am H – A – P – P – Y

Check out my pose. Manja tak?
Ummm … mommie … its one hour already .. dont u wanna pick me up and hug me? Pleeeeeze.

This is the Action Face! Yes… little Nathanael boy has this “action” face that he sometimes pull. Like Hmmmph… I can action wan! Esp after one hour u dont want to rescue me from my Standing Frame. Hmmmmph!


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inokku says:

ka wa ii !!! =p

keeping all you wonderful
people in prayers !!

God blesz n take care, ciaoz !