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Nathanael’s Day 4 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Hey ….. check out my new CRIB!
They have moved me from Bed27 to Bed6.

Well the three Beds around Bed27 were the “acute areas” where the nurses have to monitor the progress of the children at all times.

Now … my sugar level is ok (cos they feeding me good!) and my ketosis level seems pretty ok. So they have moved me to Bed6.

Today : Sugar Level = 3+ Ketone Level = 2-3

Yummy French Fries!! Yups Me no kidding. My dietian Puan Mariam gave me 5 wedges today! Yahoo! This is one kinda diet i LOVE!!

See how excited i am biting and chewing on the French Fries!

Ketogenic Diet ROCKS!!
In my lunch meal plan, i have 3 types of food.
1. Two Tablespoon of Rice (i wonder who they think they are feeding, babies or what? 2 Tablespoon only ah…. where got enuf!!)

2. Wedges. Yummy wedges. This is one thing that i can always have in my Meal Plans!! Yummmmmmy!

3. Porridge with Leafy Vegetables & Margarine. Hmmm the margarine kinda drowns all the taste of the porridge, but still rocks!

Here’ s mummy and me. She’s sitting behind me, just in case i get naughty and lean backwards on the Bumbo Seat.

But check out my face… i am one HAPPY Kid! (esp now that they are feeding me!)

Yups and this dear ol’ dad.
Trying to keep up with my quick appetite of chewing and swallowing my food. Hey Dad… keep the pace … i mean bring the spoon up to my mouth asap yah!

There u go, U saw my front, my side now check out my back! See how straight I am sitting on the Bumbo Chair

Guess its good therapy for me esp during meal times so that i can learn to sit up on my own!

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laundryamah says:

oopss spelled ur name wrongly..& forgot this..HAPPY BDAY Nathanael & May the Good Lord Bless YOU!

laundryamah says:

hey darren! maybe it’s time u eat 2 spoonfuls of rice oso leh! muahahahaha…ok ok …don’t b angry ah..solly..solly..