Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Swimming with Cousin Eunice & Ben

Nathanael went swimming yesterday with cousin Eunice & Ben in the Sutera Pool.

Lots of fun pics taken together. We also did the Dolphin Challenge again, but alas that was in Nathanael’s cousin’s video, so can’t show it here!

But we did take quite a few pictures. Here are some of the nice ones taken yesterday in the pool.
The water was cold.. but Nathanael braved it and enjoyed the time playing in the water.

Nathanael on his own by the edge of the Pool. Look Ma, no Floats!

Yay! Posing with my cousins Eunice & Ben

Its Daddy and Me!

Nathanael on the Kick Board and Really Happy from the looks of it!

Eunice & Nathanael

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