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Nathanel’s Standing Frame

Nathanael’s Kung Kung & Popo (grandparents) bought a Standing Frame for him. This is the same Standing Frame that we use for Nathanael in his Physio Therapy.

We put him on the Standing Frame at least twice a day. Each time when he’s on the Standing Frame, he will be up for at least an hour.

And you should see how red his legs would become, cos all the blood is rushing down. Nathanael has to wear a shoe/slipper and have to place his legs in the proper direction so that when he’s standing up, it would be the correct posture.

He is really tall when he is standing up. Here are some pics that we took of him today.
[Today is Merdeka Day … we brought him for the Kidz Fun Attack, and we entered into one of the inflatables … however we didnt take any photos, so too bad can’t show anything]

Here are some photos of Nathanael in his Standing Frame. He got some really cute poses!!

Nathanael’s Standing Frame. See how tall Nathanael is when

he is fully standing up.

This is a Side Profile shot of Nathanael in his Standing Frame.

See how straight it is. Rather uncomfortable huh, to be so straight up.

See how RED his legs are when all the blood rushes

down to his legs.

Am i not adorable? If i asked for anything would u give it to me? 🙂

Singing together with his Boom Box

Hmmmm… that really sounds interesting!

If you’re happy and you know it Clap your hands

Clap! Clap! Clap!

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dareNtiff says:

But of course… both the “tallness” and the “handsomeness” comes from the Father’s genes! 🙂 hehehehe!

LaundryAmah says:

wah,,nathaneal not only tall leh..very the handsome too!!!!!