Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael is Sitting & Drinking His Milk

WOW … this is an amazing feat! We have seen Nathanael holding his own bottle when drinking milk. And that is normally done in a prone position, when lying down on a pillow.

This morning in the car, he was telling us he was hungry, by crying out loud pretty much. So we gave him his 10oz milk, and it suprised us to see him sitting up in his Car Seat and drinking his milk ….. yups all 10oz of it, without dropping the milk botle!

Hallelujah! That’s another milestone! Thank U Jesus for these steps of improvements that we see in our son!

Click on the Video Below to watch him drink happily his morning Breakfast! 🙂
or Click Here.

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LaundryAmah says:

wow! jealous..cos kylie too lazy to hold her bottle..but then again maybe too heavy for her cos glass bottle ma…hehehehe.