Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s Four Point Pressure

This is a video of Nathanael’s Occupational Therapy done yesterday.

Here he is doing the Four Point Pressure, where it helps to build strength and use the muscle in his arm to hold himself up.

Cute ler!!

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Callie Lim says:

Dear Daren & Tiffany

Thanks for the updates on Nathanael. We are very happy to see him in “action” and will continue to pray for him..

Thanks for being a source of inspiration too.

Callie & family

dareNtiff says:

Hey Pegggy… took me a while to guess who was laundry amah! 🙂 hahahha such a cute name.

Will come over to your blog and give you a few tips lah!

🙂 daren

LaundryAmah says:

Howdy! Hey I started a blog too but I don’t know how to put the video in..need some tips la..

kieran&kylie’s mommy

Eunice Koh says:

He is so adorable…. knowing that God’s eyes are on him too all the times.

~In Christ we trust ~

Eunice Koh