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The Dolphin Challenge – 3 Videos

This is so so so funny.

Yesterday when we were at the swimming pool, we gave a Dolphin Challenge to each other. Who can stay longest on the Dolphin and who can paddle and move whilst on the Dolphin?

Here are three videos, one of Charlotte, one of Jerome and one of me.

It is a great feat to remain afloat on the Dolphin whilst trying to balance one self.

Check out all 3 Videos!

Jerome on the Dolphin

Charlotte on the Dolphin

Me on the Dolphin

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charlotte says:

eh. those with shorter limbs would be at a disadvantage! how to paddle? sure lose lah! hahahahaha!

dareNtiff says:

Hmmm… beg to differ.
It was tricky but manageable.

Wouldnt it be fun if we had like 5 Dolphins and have a Race to see who can paddle the Dolphin from one end to the other!

hehehe .. we should have a Water-lympics soon!

charlotte says:

for all to know… it really wasnt easy at all okay to stay on the dolphin ok!