Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s update for May & June

We went for a fifth opinion for Nathanael in May. We visited Prof Lee Wei Ling at the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore.

She’s the Director of the Neurology department and a clinical associate professor in the faculty of medicine in NUS. Many went to see her and was helped.

She went through Nathanael’s reports and these were her medical conclusions of him.

She told us that Nathanael will never walk, talk or stand. She told us that we can rest in our attempts to treat Nathanael and that we should not waste anymore finances. In fact we should wean Nathanael of the anti-epileptic drug as it does not seem to work, and in her opinion, even if we manage to stop the fits, there will never be any improvements in Nathanael.

As you can imagine, those words were discouraging. However, she apologized for being so direct but mentioned that somehow and someone had to break the news to us.

As dismaying as the news was, we still sensed the peace and the assurance that God is in control of every detail of our lives, and that includes the well being of our son Nathanael.

God is so amazing, in this month itself God has been assuring us and reassuring us through various individuals who have been faithfully praying and interceding along with us; that God will heal him and restore him in His time.

Joel 2:25 (NKJV)

So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…


* Nathanael has improved by leaps and bounds. He is bubbling with the Joy of the Lord and God has used him to bless us as parents. He will be turning Two in September. Each day has been a wonderful learning experience for all of us. We really thank God for wonderful grandparents who have been so supportive and instrumental in the development of Nathanael.

Motor Developement

· More Alert & active

· More interactive

· More responsive

· Muscle tones are better (He’s more firm)

· His head control is so much better

· We are now able to carry him with one hand

Speech Development

· The therapist was very impressed with his overall improvement

· Nathanael can chew. Chewing technique is good

· Nathanael’s mouth closure is good

· Food awareness is better

· He is able to handle different food textures

· He is now learning how to eat rice

· He is learning to feed himself

· Anyway he simply just loves food (just like his dad!)

* Of course there’s still work to be done

A Week in Nathanael’s life

Therapies! Therapies! His week is filled with therapy visits. He’s a very busy boy. Everyday he is engaged in either Physio Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Visual Therapy, Home Therapy (at HUKM or Spastic Centre or Home)

In between he has follow up visits with five doctors in four different hospitals.

We have recently enrolled him to EIP (Early Intervention Program) called Bridges. *Bridges is a non profit organization which is run by PJEFC. It is a very good centre and much sought after by many. It was a miracle that Nathanael was accepted in, as there was a waiting list of over forty children.

We thank you for your prayers for Nathanael, Our God is great and greatly to be praised. We can really feel the prayer of saints backing us up. Thank you for making the difference in our lives. We look forward to sharing more testimonies on how the Lord has touched Nathanael. To God Be The Glory!

Click here to view more pictures: Pictures taken in our recent trip to Singapore and our recent Church Camp in Penang.

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Catherine Kok says:

Dear Daren,

Rest assure I will remember Nathaneal in my prayers. God WILL work in his own ways, and HE will guide you through. Your strong faith WILL save you!

Warnest regards

AN says:

Dear Daren

Praise the Lord. Nathanael looks great in the pics!


Irene Tan says:

Hi Daren,

Nathanael is very fortunate to have you & Tiffany as parent. Very sad to hear about the latest development.
I can emphatise as a parent and the only think as a parent can do is to never give up and continue giving him the support.


Shireen Liew says:

Dear Daren

Thanks for updating. I’m sorry to hear about Nathanael’s unfortunate case and I’m sure with your strong faith in God and with everyone’s prayers, miracle will happen.

You continue to be strong yah!!

Take care and regards

Gurmit Singh says:

Hi Daren & Tiffany

Thank you very much for the update, after looking at the recent picture of Nathanael I must say that God is good to him. I am so excited to see that smile on his face. I believe God have a great purpose for Nathanael, everyone have a story to share but Nathanael’s story, is and will be a life testimony of God divine power, I believe in that and Amen to it.

My family are with you’ll. God bless you both in this journey of life.

Standing With You In Prayer

Gurmit, Celina Kendric & Sonia Jassal

Mary says:

Dear Mr and Mrs Lee,

I couldn’t help thinking that I should forward you both this email after reading your forward from my nephew and visiting your blog about about Nathaneal. God bless you my brother and sister. You have been chosen to be an inspiration to others who have another Nathaneal in their family and don’t know how to cope. God will not forsake you as long as you place your trust in Him to get you through each day. He will show you through Nathaneal how to live from day to day. You are all remembered in my prayers.



Ps Kuan Ming says:

Daren & Tiffany,
Thanks for the report. Heartening to note his progress.Will keep praying for the miracle.
The LORD continue to grant His favor to you all. Keep looking up. Our God reigns!
Kuan Ming

Hymnsmen says:

Nathanael’s will walk talk and stand tall for the LORD !

Dear Hymnsmen Hengtais

Claim this verse Joel 2 :25 … when we pray for Nathanael !


Believing we shall receive !

There are soooo many things that we can still commit ourselves too !


Looking unto Jesus
the Author and Perfector of our faith !

Chu Kwang says:

Hellow hello hello!!!

I didnt know that i was linked here. imagine the suprise.

Everyone blogs these days huh. 🙂

Great to know that everyone can still keep in touch despite the distance and all.

charlotte says:


will still continue to pray for nate. he’s always very close to my heart lah 🙂

nate’s extremely blessed to have such great parents AND grandparents too.

and i’m sure all of you (and myself) have been blessed with nate’s presence 😀

press on, baby and parents! *hugs*

Anonymous says:

hey hey hey!!!

just got ‘wind’ from NickTay’s blog that YOU guys have a blog!!! hehe

will be checking in often!

send Uncle K.Lo’s hugs and kisses to baby Nat! bwahahaha!

Love y’all!
God bless!