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Nathanael is 16 Months Old

We would like to take this opportunity to share two videos with you on Nathanael. Click on the link below to view it.
1. Nathanael holding his own Milk Bottle

This is a huge progress. Tiff recorded it after assisting him to put his hands on the Milk Bottle and he held on to it and kept on Drinking! Hallelujah! These are the little steps forward that keep our HOPE in Jesus High!

(This is a small File 1MB taken from a phone)

Video Link

2. Nathanael in Physio Therapy in HUKM

We wanted to share this video with you all because it was such an interesting therapy machine that lifts Nathanael up to a standing position. And wow.. he’s really tall! Can’t wait till he can walk and hold our hands.

The purpose of the therapy is to put him on a standing position so that his entire weight will fall on his limbs and also help to understand and experience the sense of balance in an upright position.

(This is a huge file = 70MB)

Keep praying along for Nathanael. And unfortunately he’s been having cough and cold for almost six weeks now. The last two weeks we’ve kept him out from the outside world, no malls, no going out only for hosp visits. He’s been indoors only and we see that has help somewhat. Anyway.. pray that his flu will go, so that we can start his water therapy with him again. That’s been on hold since mid December.

Video Link

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