Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanel in a Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition 2005

This month we’ve got Nathanel in a Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition 2005!! Yups, Nathanael in his bathing suit and his first dip in the swimming pool! (wish i have a site to upload videos, you would certainly enjoy the videos) [sorry we’ve not transfered the photos¬†& videos from the Geocities yet].

He’s wearing this cute “totaly huggable” swim wear and he’s just adorable looking in it. (our apologies for the over exposure photos). Anyway, check out how contented he is when he’s laying in the pool … a real “siew yeh chai” (translated in English.. Prince) when he lay his head back, soak in the sun and enjoy the water lapping beside him!

After taking many many shots of him in the pool, we took some in the home, dressed him up in a hawaii baju and put on some shades! Aiyoh.. so cute. I think Tiff & I had so much fun dressing him up and having fun in the pool with him.



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