Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael eating Ice Cream [New Milestone]

This is a New Milestone for Nathanael. He normally don’t like Ice Cream because of the cold temperature and the texture of the soft ice cream.
Today, while shopping at Tesco, he suddenly said “I want Ice Cream”, later at home when we let him try, he ATE the Ice Cream!!
Wow!! This is Progress!

Nathanael arranging Tables at ECC [New Milestone]


We celebrate every step of growth and development in Nathanael’s life.

This is a video of Nathanael at Emmanuel Care Center (ECC) this week, when he helped Teacher Cecilia carry the tables and arranging them neatly in the corner!

You can also see how Nate who normally refuses to wear/put anything on his head is now walking around with a cap! 🙂

Go Nate Go!


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